Due to the current COVID-19 situation, SAWWA has not held General Meetings since February 2020.  However, SAWWA Board member’s term of office ended in March 2020. We would like to officially thank Justen Cater for his tenure as President which technically ended at the date of the March meeting which was canceled.

The remaining officers (Tamar Dawson, Bryan Rinde, and Lacy Carothers) became “Acting” officers of the Board and a Regular membership vote was needed to approve the motion to recommend this change. With restrictions on holding general meetings, we sent an email to all of the voting membership (regular members who work directly for water purveyors) and asked them for: 1) a Motion to recommend the current SAWWA Officers move one step up in linear progression to the next office, 2) a Second of that Motion, and 3) a vote of “aye” or “nay” to approve the Motion.

THANK YOU to all the regular members who participated and voted. 

1)  Motion to approve officer progression: Rachel Kennard

2)  Second of Motion: James Arenz

3)  All email replies were “ayes” with no “nays”

The motion passed.

Your new SAWWA Board members…

    President – Tamar Dawson (Citrus Heights Water District)

   Vice President – Bryan Rinde (State Water Resources Control Board – DDW)

    Secretary – Lacy Carothers (California American Water)

    Treasurer – VACANT

We would like to announce that the Treasurer position is open.  If you wish to enter into the running for this position, please let one of the Officers know.