A total of 16 SAWWA Scholarship Applications were received from 9 different high schools. THANK YOU to all those that applied.

The Scholarship Review Committee included the following SAWWA members:

Victor Alaniz – SAWWA Scholarship Committee Chair
Bill Gustavson – Associate Member with Luhdorff and Scalmanini Consulting Engineers
Ligaya Kohagura – Associate Member with HydroScience Engineers

The Scholarship Review Committee reviewed the applications and deliberated on the recommendations for three (3) scholarships and agreed on the following selections:

Recommended Recipients of 8th Annual SAWWA Scholarship

  1. Andrew Boele: Vacaville High School – Still Undecided (Computer Sciences/Engineering)
  2. Richel Dhaliwal: Rio Linda High School – UC Berkeley (Electrical Engineering)
  3. Aiden Szeto: Folsom High School – UCLA (Computer Sciences/Engineering)

CONGRATULATIONS to our 8th Annual SAWWA Scholarship winners.