A total of 22 SAWWA Scholarship Applications were received from 13 different high schools or higher education colleges. THANK YOU to all those that applied. The Scholarship Review Committee included the following SAWWA members: Victor Alaniz – SAWWA Scholarship Committee Chair Bill Gustavson – Associate Member with Luhdorff and Scalmanini Consulting Engineers Ligaya Kohagura – Associate Member with HydroScience Engineers The Scholarship Review Committee reviewed the applications and deliberated on the recommendations for three (3) scholarships and agreed on the following selections: Recommended Recipients of 9th Annual SAWWA Scholarship
  1. Thomas Rexin: Vista del Lago High School – UC San Diego (Computer Sciences/Engineering)
  2. Kashvi Dwarka: Inderkum High School – UC Davis (Computer Sciences/Engineering)
  3. Alexis Yang: Luther Burbank High School – UCLA (Teaching)
CONGRATULATIONS to our 9th Annual SAWWA Scholarship winners. NOTE:  Stay tuned to this website for additional information on the upcoming award ceremony.