Time to Renew?

If you were a SAWWA member in 2022, fill out the form shown below, and return it with your dues in order to renew your SAWWA membership for 2023. If you are not sure if you were a member in 2022, please contact the SAWWA Board.

SAWWA has existed since 1958 to provide opportunities to network and learn from each other. Our monthly and special committee meetings also provide great opportunities to earn CEUs for State operator certifications. Because of our members, we are able to meet SAWWA’s objectives:

  • To advance and implement improvements in knowledge, design, construction, operation, and management of water utilities;
  • To consider and solve problems in the production and distribution of safe, adequate water supplies;
  • To promote the dissemination of water utility information in order to improve the understanding of the complexities of the industry; and
  • To offer to members of the Association, their organizations, and to other appropriate persons or organizations the individual or collective water utility expertise that is available from members of the Association.

As voted by the membership at the December 2015 meeting, the annual membership dues are $50. According to SAWWA’s Bylaws (Article II, Section 2.0), members must attend a minimum of TWO regular general meetings. In December 2016, the membership voted to increase the monthly general meeting dues to $25 per member and $30 per guest. Therefore, the 2017 Membership Dues Statement reflects an annual dues/minimum fee of $100 (membership dues ($50) and two regular monthly meetings ($50). Alternatively, the full-year fee is $400. For each member, the monthly meeting roster/sign-in sheets will be used to track minimum attendance and credits for two lunch meeting costs.

Continue developing your career, accessing essential networking opportunities, and receive other valuable & exclusive SAWWA benefits.

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