logo-sidThe Solano Irrigation District (SID) is looking to fill the following position.

Solano Project Technician: Below is a general position description…

Under general direction of the Water & Power Operations Manager, receives instruction and direct oversight from the Solano Project Supervisor, is responsible for the coordination of water diversions from Lake Berryessa to satisfy water orders from Solano Project contractors. Performs a variety of skilled tasks in the operation and maintenance of the Monticello Dam and Putah Diversion Dam.
In addition, operates, monitors and maintains the Monticello Powerhouse, an 11.5 Megawatt hydroelectric power plant. Performs standard electrical tests. Makes or assists in a variety of repairs or replacement of plant equipment. Coordinates power production with outside agencies, including Pacific Gas & Electric and the Solano County Water Agency, through the Solano Project Supervisor. Makes recommendations to management on suggested changes and modifications to the District’s power generating facilities.
Performs a variety of field and shop work in the installation, repair, programming and maintenance of various electrical, electronic, and computerized equipment related to the operation of the SCADA systems of the Putah South Canal, Putah Diversion Dam, Monticello Dam, and Monticello Powerhouse. Performs other duties as assigned.

Please see the attached Solano Project Technician Job Posting and Attachments 01202016 document for more information.

FINAL FILING DATE: February 4, 2016 – 5:00 p.m.