This past Tuesday (January 29, 2013) the Department of Water Resources conducted its second snow survey of the year.  The results showed that the snow pack has shrank a bit, and is now “93 percent of average for this time of year”.   The shrinkage is attributed to the lack of rain in the month of January, which is known to be one of the wettest months of the year, according to the article.  DWR Director, Mark  Cowin, was quoted in the Sacramento Bee as saying: “Relatively dry weather this month is once again a reminder that the weather is unpredictable and we must always practice conservation”.  I could not agree more.  Even in times when water is plentiful, it is crucial to preserve those excess supplies and ensure there is enough water during times of shortage.  Mother Nature can not always be counted on to provide our region with sufficient water supplies, so it becomes the responsibility of every California resident to do his/her part to be water wise. 

For the full article about the snow survey from the Department of Water Resources, follow the link below.