August 19, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
MS Teams Meeting
MS Teams Meeting
Bobby Vera

Speaker Series: Moving Beyond AWIA – Introducing Consequence-Driven, Cyber-informed Engineering

Andrew Ohrt (West Yost) and Charley Cunningham (City of Sacramento)

These days every piece of the equipment we use to run our world is designed in software and is operated in an increasingly
automated fashion via software over digital networks. First-principles engineering paired with digital technologies is an unbeatable
combination … when things go well. But when something goes wrong, it severely impairs our ability to troubleshoot, resolve the
problem, and get back on track. What’s more, when intruders take over control of our processes or the data on which they depend
– as they’ve consistently shown the ability to do – many organizations’ ability to both recognize the risks associated with
automation and their ability to “operate through” attacks is to date is limited. In this presentation, we’ll introduce the concepts
associated with Consequence-driven, Cyber-informed Engineering (CCE). Developed by Idaho National Laboratory (INL) and
currently being deployed by critical infrastructure owners around the country. CCE is a ground-breaking approach to securing
and designing more resilient physical systems such as those that provide water, wastewater, electric service.